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Marketing team meeting


Are you a cybersecurity vendor looking for a creative event? With HackBack, we add your solution to the tech stack and players use your technology to solve real world Incident Response problems! Players leave the game knowing who you are and why you are relevant. Wine and cheese events are great but after a HackBack event your attendees use your technology and understand your value! We also include mentions on social media and can support your sales and marketing staff to gain attendees. We are people that know people.

Team work


Remote or in-person or both! Companies hire HackBack to bring a relevant game to your organization and help develop skills for a cybersecurity attack. We bring fictional characters to make sure that all can be secure in role playing. There is no blame - unless you get a really bad roll. Then you need to sing... or show us a magic trick. Our Incident Masters are skilled at security, D&D and improv - we keep the atmosphere light, engaging and interactive.

Business Discussion


Sick of the dry, scripted scenarios that are typical for Incident Response tabletops? We've had people tell us that they would rather eat glass than go to an IR exercise! With HackBack, we turn Incident Response tabletops on their head by changing the entire script. We use your company's security tools and provide each team member with a role that contains technical skills, personality traits and motivation that may be completely different than their position. Our Incident Masters may request a dice roll to determine effectiveness of an outcome. Please, just don't roll a 1... 

Young People - Meeting With Computers


Many companies introduce new products through sales and marketing people that have never lived the life of a cybersecurity team. Our games allow your team to take on positions of CISO, CTO, CMO, etc without anyone (or anything!) getting hurt. HackBack builds understanding of your technology within your customer's organization and helps sales and marketing people develop empathy for the people that consume and use your products. The great thing about HackBack is that our Incident Master is a CISO and can help the group along if the going gets hairball!

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