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  • How long is an average session?
    We have a wide range of games and the play times will range by skill level, game type and complexity. Generally, we see that a HackBack Role Playing game lasts ~2 hours per session.
  • Do I need to be a cybersecurity pro to play?
    We have a number of games that do not require any direct experience working as a cybersecurity professional. HackBack includes characters that lie outside of cybersec (and IT) that allow for a large group of dissimilar positions to play. We listen to your needs before deciding your game set to make sure that your group is challenged.
  • How many people can play at once?
    Generally, we like to see ten or less role players per group for HackBack.
  • My team isn't fun. Can you make them fun?
    We will sure try! Part of our exercise is a warm-up routine that helps players loosen up and get in gaming mode. We like using positive-games that help teams work together and strengthen interaction. We are working on a few competitive games if that is your angle!
  • How much do these sessions cost?
    Pricing is heavily dependent upon a number of factors: Game/IR preparation, game types, number of players, skill levels, etc. We will need to work with a team member to determine the best fit for your organization. Some companies like us to come in several times a year.
  • What inspired Hackback Gaming?
    By nature, we are very playful people that have a strong background in technology. We understand that learning can be accomplished in a number of ways and this is one medium that helps people engage, work together, talk through next steps and solve puzzles together. We work with CISOs of all size businesses and getting proper training to prepare for Incident Response has been a challenge. We are bringing our own flavor to help solve this problem.


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