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Did you know that the first board games were developed in 3500 BC in a game called “Senet”? Historians have had a difficult time figuring out how the game was played! Checkers was developed in 3000 BC. Seems remarkable to me that it was developed so long ago. Just think of a person’s motivation to build Checkers so long ago and achieving such staying power!

In the 1970’s, “Dungeons and Dragons” was created in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and had a very colorful history before “Wizards of the Coast” purchased the game from a company that was facing bankruptcy. The premise was simple: players would portray only a single character and would explore underground dungeons where they would face perils and puzzles. Both the characters and the story would persist from session to session, with characters working cooperatively and improving over time.

As the cybersecurity profession has grown and evolved, a number of card, board and role playing games have been developed to help individuals “play” in this field. We’ve played/tested a range of games… from the technically complicated that have participants throwing viruses and malware at specific devices in a network to games that highlight risk (with no need to understand cybersecurity). HackBack is inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, Expel’s Oh Noes!, Munchkins and others!

Our games are great for gathering people for industry marketing events, team building, training AND incident response training. 

With an extensive entrepreneurial and technical background, Andy has a successful history of building high tech businesses. He has over a decade of experience in information security enterprise software and services. He has developed a specialty in building novel, meaningful and collaborative events with technical customers and partners.

Andy has held director-level roles leading sales, consulting, and client management in companies ranging from cybersecurity startups to mature corporations, including Optiv Security and Symantec Corporation. HackBack Gaming began as a monthly local event for Portland's cybersecurity community and has grown to become a full-time services company assisted by a number of talented partners.

His hobbies include home remodeling, windsurfing and exploring the great outdoors in the Northwest from his home in Portland, Oregon.



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